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Leveraging our IMMRS(iv)E techniques, we find what makes your property special. We step away from the idea of typical snapshot evaluations and experience it all ourselves to discover the stories of your staff and guests, and bring them to life. As marketing and business strategy experts, we're armed with a unique perspective that builds powerful strategies that drive growth for your hotel or resort.

We provide your team with public relations, marketing, and branding strategies based off our experience on your property. This report includes ideas and recommendations for optimizations for the guest experience including: 


  • Aesthetics & Accommodations 

  • Services on Site 

  • Food & Drinks

  • Local Culture & Partnership Opportunities


We curate a scope of work tailored to your property's specific needs. After your initial consultation, our team will solidify a proposal that includes a scope of work where you'll be able to rank your main focus areas in order of prioritized importance that will be included in your IMMRS(iv)E Report Card and Strategy following our experience.​

Situation Analysis

We uncover the distinctive essence of your property by discovering your property's why. By experiencing everything firsthand, we learn the captivating stories of your staff and guests and bring that to you in a way that you can utilize to differentiate your brand.

Includes: SWOT Analysis, a minimum of 5 stories that highlight the essence and why of your property, and a breakdown audit of our experiences throughout our immersion.

Ready to get started?

  • Initial kick-off meeting

  • Evaluation and client assessment

  • Review of existing research

  • Onsite immersion & interaction

  • Crafting & reviewing your strategy

  • Follow-up requests for further documentation (max 3 as needed)

  • Recommendations regarding existing work and opportunities

Download our PDF for more information. 

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