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Our mission is to harness the power of IMMRS(iv)E techniques to uncover the distinctive essence of your property. Going beyond traditional snapshot evaluations, we immerse ourselves in every aspect of your property to uncover the authentic stories of your staff and guests.​

We go beyond traditional feedback, marketing, and consulting methods by immersing ourselves in your luxury hotel or resort for 15-30 days. 


IMMRSE Partners Founders Morgan Decker and Taylor Kelly in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 2022

“Morgan and I met at The University of Tampa over a decade ago and since then have gone to work for incredible brands such as HelloFresh, National Geographic, Accor Hotels, and The Walt Disney Company. When we’re not working, we love to travel the world - and through that, we’ve both found a deep passion and interest in the hospitality industry. 

While completing my MBA last year in Miami, I spent countless hours at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida as a hotel member. I would immerse myself in its rich ambiance by working by the pool, dining in restaurants, and keeping fit at the gym. Each day, I eagerly engaged with the staff, learning about their personal and professional journeys, and conversed with guests about their experiences on the premises. I ventured into trying all of the menu items at their cafes.

One day, I met someone by the pool who asked me how I liked the hotel and said: "Honestly, it is not that great, but I’m a member because I live nearby." 

After going on a short rant about all of the nuances I noticed during my time on-site, he told me he was one of the owners of the property. He had no idea that so many details of the hotel were potential liabilities or great growth opportunities. It was then that I knew that I had to offer hotels a chance to get the bigger picture of what’s happening onsite to build strategies to drive success in their spaces.  

A few months later, during a trip together to Mexico, Morgan and I spent hours discussing all of the small opportunities for significant change we noticed at our hotel, and decided to launch Immrse Partners. Combining Morgan's analytical expertise in marketing for Fortune 500 companies and studies at Parsons University within Interior Design and Studio Art, along with my background in marketing and business, we recognized the perfect synergy between our skills.

So here we are - diving head first into some of the world's most luxurious pools." - Taylor Kelly, Founding Partner at IMMRSE Partners


Our agency is led by a team of talented marketers with years of experience with a diverse portfolio of industries paired with a formal education from some of the top institutions in the country. Meet our partners, Morgan, Taylor, and Parker below. 


Morgan Decker


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IMMRSE Partners Founder Taylor Kelly

Taylor Kelly


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Parker Lopez


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national geographic_edited_edited_edited


“She approaches tasks with enthusiasm and energy and consistently looks for ways to streamline and improve processes. 

She has taken on projects that go beyond the original scope of her responsibilities and improved their efficiency and increased profitability. Morgan would be an asset to any team!”

Associate Vice President of Publishing NWF and former Director of New Business Acquisition, National Geographic, Richard Brown

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