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Tampa Marriott Water Street: Intern Adventures

Amongst the summery “fall vibes”, the cold is always at bay in the city of Tampa. The sunny weather, hot atmosphere, and perfectly clear sky created the perfect ambiance for a site visit. The Water Street Marriott Hotel was the perfect property to spend a wonderful Friday afternoon after midterm week, soaking up the sun and relaxing.

Nestled in between the riverfront of the Hillsborough River and a couple of blocks away from Amalie Arena, the Marriott at Water Street has the perfect balance of city escape to enjoy the view of Tampa and get a relaxing vacation near local beaches, restaurants, and the Tampa Convention Center.


Location is one of the prime reasons why this Marriott stands out. It is closely situated in the downtown area of Tampa, near the riverwalk, The University of Tampa (UT), Harbour Island, Tampa General Hospital, and more.

It's a close commute from campus and a beautiful place to walk to. This hotel is a renowned place to stay especially according to UT parents, who tend to stay there due to its proximity to campus when visiting their children. It also has a bus station close by as well as the downtown Tampa Trolley station, which offers free rides to everyone who wants to get through Tampa through a tram system.

View from the pool at the Marriott Water Street; photo by Daniela Garcia
View from the Pool at the Marriott Water Street; Photo by Daniela Garcia

Due to its convenient location, this hotel hosts various conventions year-round because of its closeness to the convention center and its centralized downtown location. When I was onsite, the ACOI 2023, a Heath, Wellness, and Medicine convention was happening, which occupied most meeting rooms and other public spaces.

This not only showcases how much of a sought-after hotel this is due to the location but also provides a great example of what IMMRSE supports. IMMRSE Partners seeks to support hotels and resorts in high-traffic areas that have a lot of local competition and need to highlight their strengths and special qualities to stand out.

Tampa Marriott Water Street Dining

The Marriott at Water Street has various dining options to accommodate any palate with American and Mexican cuisines and a fresh seafood place. Anchor and Brine sits on the riverfront with fantastic views of Harbour Island and Tampa has a raw bar, small plates, and local specialties to match the Tampa vibe. My personal experience with the Charred Octopus ($25) and the classic Caesar Salad ($18), were delightful, especially beside the bustling riverwalk accompanied by city views and perfect weather.

Charred Octopus from Anchor & Brine; photo by Daniela Garcia
Charred Octopus from Anchor & Brine; Photo by Daniela Garcia

Caesar Salad from Anchor & Brine; photo by Daniela Garcia.
Caesar Salad from Anchor & Brine; Photo by Daniela Garcia

The Pool Bar & Grill stood out to me due to the amazing and fast service, and a menu that hit the spot. The vast menu of tropical drinks, frozen cocktails, wine coolers, and liquor shots offers a medley of options for all. All the fast food options they serve like chicken tenders, cheeseburgers, and sandwiches are a great option for any poolside snack. The Frozen Mango Strawberry Sunrise ($12) and the Marriott Burger ($21) with bacon and cheddar cheese were the perfect meal beside the water.

Marriott Burger from the Pool Bar & Grill; photo by Daniela Garcia.
Marriott Burger from the Pool Bar & Grill; Photo by Daniela Garcia

Tampa Marriott Water Street Amenities

The first thing that captures the building's essence when entering the property is its classic lobby. The well-decorated space offers a clean and open concept aesthetic with sitting areas for guests as soon as they enter, free water, and front desks. The first floor has a full indoor bar, Starbucks, and three restaurant options to choose from. Cafe Waterside with classic American options, Anchor and Brine with fresh seafood, and Lona by chef Richard Sandoval, featuring Mexican cuisine. There are several screens present that showcase activities going on in the hotel, along with plenty of city maps and information stands to inform guests. Both elevators have touch screens with a fully functional information system to select your floor, find information, and even explore dining options.

Lobby at the Marriott Water Street; photo by Daniela Garcia.
Lobby at the Marriott Water Street; Photo by Daniela Garcia

The check-in process was easy and the staff was well-informed. Even though I was only using a day pass, the concierge instructed me where the pool, gym, and restaurants were for me to have the best experience with the short amount of time I had there.

The Fitness Center has an amazing layout featuring a two-level gym fully equipped with a cardio room on the lower level, with a weight and machine room. It has a poolfront and a city view.

Fitness Center at te Marriott Water Street; photo from
Fitness Center at the Marriott Water Street; Photo from

The pool has a calm environment with chairs and cabanas which are first come first serve unless they were previously reserved. There was live music and a rooftop bar and grill where they offered plenty of refreshments and fast food options. Concierges were extremely nice and frequently checked in on you to provide optimal comfort.

Rooftop pool at the Marriott Water Street; photo by Daniela Garcia.
Rooftop pool at the Marriott Water Street; Photo by Daniela Garcia

The Marriott is a classic that never disappoints, but this is a hidden gem due to its unique location in the heart of Tampa Bay. The views, food, spaces, service, and modern technological features were the perfect option for a pleasurable staycation.

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