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All About The Founding Partners of IMMRSE: Hotel & Resort Consultants

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Every company has a story that traces back to the dedication of its founders. Within Immrse Partners, the two co-founders bring a unique fusion of visionary insight, passion for hospitality, and expertise which paves the way to a journey of success.

IMMRSE Partners, Taylor Kelly & Morgan Decker
Founding Partners, Taylor Kelly & Morgan Decker

Morgan Decker and Taylor Kelly met at The University of Tampa over a decade ago and have worked with distinguished brands such as HelloFresh, National Geographic, Accor Hotels, and The Walt Disney Company. They’re both travel enthusiasts and share an interest in using their knowledge to help boutique hotels and resorts improve their overall experiences.

The Story

While completing his MBA in Miami, Taylor Kelly spent a long period of time as a gym member at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. Every day he immersed himself in the hotel’s environment and engaged with hotel staff and guests, which gave him the background and insight to find and define improvements the hotel would benefit from.

One day, he had a fateful encounter with none other than the hotel owner (whom Kelly didn’t know at the time) and ended up engaging in a detailed discussion in which Kelly shared areas of improvement in the hotel which enlightened the owner.

After spending a vacation with Morgan Decker, Kelly realized they both had a lot to discuss the small opportunities their hotel could take to make significant changes for their guests and improve their experiences. These ideas inspired them to launch Immrse Partners, having Morgan use her analytical expertise in marketing, working with big-name companies, and studies at Parsons University with interior design and studio art, and Kelly’s background in marketing and business.

Morgan Decker & Taylor Kelly

Both founders hold a deep level of expertise within their fields to provide help to their clients. Decker has a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing communications from Georgetown University and has worked at National Geographic Disney, and HelloFresh, having a background in media, DTC, and growth marketing. Kelly has an MBA in Business Administration from The University of Miami and has worked with luxury and education at Ritani as a marketing and PR manager, and at Bright Kids in New York City.

“Not everyone has the opportunity to wake up and build something from scratch – consistency, patience and believing in yourself is crucial to balance and make a project work” - Taylor Kelly


Their goal as hotel and resort consultants is to make a property stand out with what they have available and find new, creative, and useful techniques while evaluating a property by spending an extended period of time there to develop customized business strategies to positively grow a property's potential.

They implement PR, marketing, and branding strategies based on their time at a property and report optimizations regarding aesthetics, services, food and drinks, local culture, accommodations, and partnership opportunities. They also provide add-on services with trustworthy partners if needed.


Creating new processes and ideas to adapt a hotel to the changing landscape and working hand in hand to deliver trustworthy feedback and easily implemented processes to improve a location is a key differentiating factor Immrse Partners offers their clients.

Sustainability practices are available as an add-on service to aid clients with sustainable measures to inspire their hotel community to care and incorporate easy strategies to stay environmentally friendly through improvement processes.

According to Kelly, “Our team spends time in the shoes of the guests, the employees, and even the residents in the surrounding communities. We do the research online before and after our site visit, and bring all of those critical pieces together to unlock what is truly happening at a property to present powerful marketing and public relations strategies that align with the hotel’s goals.”

IMMRSE Partners prides itself on the delivery of not only comprehensive situation analysis but also custom-crafted business and marketing strategies for each property based on their consultants’ immersive time onsite, setting them apart from traditional competitors. The brand also keeps itself up to date with the latest business, hotel trends, and innovations to come up with the most accurate business plans.

“Everyone has to start somewhere, continue believing in yourself, and be open to new things. Starting from nowhere is not necessarily bad so being able to believe in oneself is very important.” - Morgan Decker

The founders' careers in business and marketing have equipped them with the expertise required to devise effective strategies capable of adapting to the ever-evolving hospitality industry landscape. In today's dynamic business environment, where change is constant, Immerse understands the value of thorough feedback and mentorship for a property, providing its clients with an innovative and accurate way of putting themselves in the shoes of a visitor, and knowing in what ways their strategies can boost a property into success.

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